…Thow em’ back till I lose count.

Been a while since my last entry! Not really found the time, which is shameful I know. My days currently consist of waking up around 8. Working till 12. Having lunch. Working from 2 - 8 and then having a bath, dinner and then working till about 11. Then bed. Rinse & Repeat. Sounds crazy... Continue Reading →

Listening to the rain on the roof….

It's a very stormy miserable day in Bulgaria today! The perfect day to sit with a camomile tea, look at the storm over the mountains, listen to the rain on the roof and write for a little bit about some updates.  I'm suppsed to be working but you need to take a little time for... Continue Reading →

Why are we always so offended?

This world is going crazy. I read a post this morning that made me super cross about a vegan guy who accidentally ate some sweets from Pizza Hut's self service Ice Cream factory, blamed them and was apparently left heartbroken, distraught and upset and said Pizza Hut made a mockery of his life decision. Bearing... Continue Reading →

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