StoryTime #3 – The time I partied with S Club 7

Okay, so once again this is a little bit of an over exaggeration click bait - technically I didn't party with ALL of S Club 7 - Just three of them and I feel if one of the three were Rachel Stevens and/or Jon Lee then this story may be  little better! S Club 7... Continue Reading →

Why are we always so offended?

This world is going crazy. I read a post this morning that made me super cross about a vegan guy who accidentally ate some sweets from Pizza Hut's self service Ice Cream factory, blamed them and was apparently left heartbroken, distraught and upset and said Pizza Hut made a mockery of his life decision. Bearing... Continue Reading →

2019 Journey. Day 1. Smashed.

Morning guys! From a snowy winters morning in Bulgaria.  For those of you that don't know, I'm currently living in a place called Bratsigovo which is in the South of Bulgaria near the mountains. Very beautful and old school. People still sell fruit at the side of the road and drive horses and carts! Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Years Eve…

Hello to my 10 new followers 🙂 Gotta start somewhere! From a  very cold frosty morning in the Bulgarian mountains. Looking forward to saying goodbye to a hideous 2018 and welcoming 2019 with so much love and positivity. Spent yesterday downloading all these new exersise apps and food prep lists. Drinking and smoking apps so... Continue Reading →

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