I don’t hate you babe. It’s worse than that….

...You hurt me and I'm more than sad........ It's almost the anniversary of me starting this blog and the one thing I'm most proud of is that I've actually stuck to it and look forward to writing more in the upcoming year. As I reflect on the past year and all that went with it,... Continue Reading →

…Thow em’ back till I lose count.

Been a while since my last entry! Not really found the time, which is shameful I know. My days currently consist of waking up around 8. Working till 12. Having lunch. Working from 2 - 8 and then having a bath, dinner and then working till about 11. Then bed. Rinse & Repeat. Sounds crazy... Continue Reading →

Lessons I have learned…

Some relationships will be blessings, others will serve as lessons. – Either way, never regret knowing someone.  Everyone you encounter teaches you something important.  Some people will test you, some will use you, and some will teach you; but most importantly some will bring out the best in you.   When times get tough, some people... Continue Reading →

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