I don’t hate you babe. It’s worse than that….

…You hurt me and I’m more than sad……..

It’s almost the anniversary of me starting this blog and the one thing I’m most proud of is that I’ve actually stuck to it and look forward to writing more in the upcoming year.

As I reflect on the past year and all that went with it, I’ve taken the past few days to notice how different I have become and how I want to change moving forward into 2020 when I will turn the big 30. I’ve also learned a few things about myself and the people around me.

Over the past month I’ve decided to get rid of the people in my life who don’t really have any time for me. I’ve spent many times this year getting in touch with people in my outer friendship circle (usually pissed up on a Sunday) to never get any sort of response, never a phone call back, never a message to ask how I’m doing ect. Not just once but countless times. I’ve made the strong decision that I no longer want these people in my life, for I feel what’s the point of wasting time and energy on people who have no time for you in return.

I’ve learned this year that it’s perfectly okay to miss people once in a while that you know you shouldn’t miss but I think that just reflects on how big my heart still is and how much more I have to give. What’s meant for you wont pass you by.

I’ve learned late this year that I should never settle for what just comes along no matter what sort of mood I’m in and to always follow my first initial gut instinct and that I’m usually right about those sort of things.

I’ve learned that money isn’t everything. Yeah sure it gets me traveling as much as I want when I put the work in, but life isn’t just about work and money. It’s about making memories – Which usually help if you have money Ha!  But I get less stressed about it right now.

I think I’m in such a stronger and more stable place than I was when I started writing this blog last year and I look forward to growing more as time goes on. I have so much planned for next year already and I can’t wait to open the door to 2020.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and here to the next one.


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