…Thow em’ back till I lose count.

Been a while since my last entry!

Not really found the time, which is shameful I know.

My days currently consist of waking up around 8. Working till 12. Having lunch. Working from 2 – 8 and then having a bath, dinner and then working till about 11. Then bed. Rinse & Repeat.

Sounds crazy but I have so many holidays planned and half booked, trips to take, people to see, country’s to explore, new friends to meet. Work hard play harder. Travel is your best friend.

I recently got home from a long weekend in Scotland – One of the favourte places I’ve ever lived, to celebrate one of my closest friends wedding day. I had such an amazing time – Maybe a little too amazing as I found myself thinking I was an 18-year-old student again, three-day benders, swinging from the chandelier and knocking them back till I lost count! #Sia!


On the 8 hour train journey home from Glasgow to London after missing my flight home, I came to this realisation that after the alcohol sweats and heart palpitations and loss of dignity that I’m getting way to old for this and maybe tone it down a peg or two – So that’s what I’ve done.

It has currently been 7 days, 22 hours and 43 minutes since I have had a single drop of alcohol or a cigarette! Within 4 days of stopping my sleeping pattern has been fantastic – No more night terrors, no more waking up in the middle of the night! I feel like I’ve got so much energy and showing no signs of stopping! I’ve lost like 4lbs in this week from just cutting down and feel fantastic.


If anyone is trying to stop smoking I would totally reccomend this app Smoke Free – It tells you your health as you go on such as how well your heart rate is, when your sleep pattern will go back to normal, how much $ you’re saving!

Obviously, I’m a wild child at heart and have party and glitter in my veins so telling you the no drinking again would just be the most craziest thing ever but I really think I’ve cracked the smoking and feel so much better when I go for my morning runs and stuff!

So flying to London on Friday to spend time with my Irish best friend! Spending Halloween with my best friends in Huddersfield. Then I have Gran Canaria Pride in November! Then back to Bulgaria just in time to work 24/7 during the cold winter to pay for the other 20 holidays I have planned for next year! Fun times ahead!


In other news, So sad to hear about the loss of Thomas Cook! I was a kids rep for them in Ibiza back in 2012! So many great memories made and friends for life.



Hope you all have a great fall and more updates coming soon.

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