Listening to the rain on the roof….

It’s a very stormy miserable day in Bulgaria today! The perfect day to sit with a camomile tea, look at the storm over the mountains, listen to the rain on the roof and write for a little bit about some updates.  I’m suppsed to be working but you need to take a little time for yourself once in a while 🙂   Screaming people can wait 20 minutes! Maybe a hour – Who knows.


So it’s been a bit of a weird couple of weeks.  Bit lonely really! I’ve literally been working non-stop, crazy and not really socialising with anyone apart from my parents. I’ve tried to keep in touch with other people in my life but finding it hard.  I wrote in my last blog about lessons I had learned;  when you are down in life, you get to know who your true friends are and to take note when the times get tough. This has been pretty tough this past few weeks.  I don’t know if it’s just the loneliness of being secluded here and seeing my friends live the life I once led, or maybe just they have other things going on and I’m just a second thought or maybe I have changed and the distance has made it difficult, I don’t know.

I’m still really happy here – I’m happy just working, saving and then traveling! I have three trips booked already for the year and not stopping there! I’ve never had the freedom to do that before and never had the freedom to be my own boss  which is something I’m grateful for. I suppose, when I sit here listening to all this peace and quiet and put into perspective that my main goal is to become a better person here, to save as much money as i possibly can, see the world and eventually get back to the UK, it doesn’t all seem so bad. Only time will tell.

On a brighter note, I spent 5 days in the black sea with my mom the other week which was lovely! Nice to get away and spend time next to the ocean. I got offered a promotion in one of the little jobs I do which is great. More platforms to work on and more money to save!  I started running again the other day just to clear my head a little and get more of a positive outcome on things. My best friends arrive here in less than a month for 8 days which I can’t wait for and I’ve also been working on writing this TV show in my spare time!  I know it sounds a little crazy and a bit far fetched but everyone stars somewhere. It’s about my life as a waiter and all the crazy people and stories along the way!  Think of The Office meets Summer Heights High! Even Ricky Gervais had to start somewhere!

I’ve been writing more too! I’ve started this new PenPal thing with prisoners in the states. Sort of like a charitable thing but speaking to people who feel lonely too has been pretty rewarding and I’ve been getting to know some very interesting characters.

Things have been getting better the last few days but just thought I’d write a little update for now. The rain has stopped.  Back to work.

Лека нощ


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