Storytime #5 – The YouTube Girl.

Hey guys!  So I know it’s been a while! I’ve been super crazy busy with work, an exciting new project in the pipeline which I can’t wait to share with you all and I’ve just got back from a short but very expensive 4 day trip to the UK where I finally saw my childhood favourites – The Spice Girls. One of the best gigs I have ever been to. There may or may not have been tears. Who knows.

So I decided to share with you another little story time of how I met one of my closest friends, how I traveled half way across the world to meet her and the adventures we had.

So my blog, as you know is called “Charlies Road to Fame”

For years I’ve tried to walk down this road  – with great difficulty may I add. This being said, when I was about 15, I set up a YouTube account from my little Doncaster bedroom with one of those ancient circle webcams that used to sit on top of your PC and spend hours with your friends in creepy chat rooms  – or just me anyway.  One day I decided to record a few musical numbers and post them – a bit of Aladdin, a bit of Les Miserables. One day I came across a YouTube channel of a woman with the most fantastic voice I’ve ever heard singing. A rendition of a Wicked Number.

I commented instantly and she replied and from then on we became the best of friends. Adding each other on MSN and MySpace – Very old school.

Jenny was 21 at the time living in Arkansas and I was 16 living in Yorkshire. We spoke pretty much every single day and started recording videos of ourselves singing, which I do believe there are a couple of videos still live out there. Maybe I will share them one day.

After about a year we decided that we both wanted to visit New York again,  Me now being 17 and had a part-time job, decided to tell my parents I was stopping with a friend for a week and jumped on a plane half way across the world to meet my new best friend.  It was a fantastic week. We saw about 6 broadway shows, I met my future husband – Jonathan Groff, we shared a hostel with a creepy french guy who walked around in a red silk thong and took a trip on the Sex & The City tour. It was an amazing week.  I almost got lost on my way home to the airport and was close to having to call my folks and tell them I was actually lost in New York and not at my friend’s house down the road.  Thankfully it all worked out. I told them the truth about 4 years later!


Jenny & I remained very good friends after this and the next time we got to meet was when she moved to the UK to study at Oxford University!  She literally is one of the most brightest people I know.


The next time we met was a spontaneous trip to London when J got a brilliant job in the UK. I went with my friend James and we took in a Burlesque show, had drinks and met her family.


We then met next in LA when we went for a little day trip during our Vegas Adventure for my friend James’ 30th! She met all my best friends and we had a lovely BBQ dinner!


I last saw Jenny on my final days of my trip to San Fransisco late last year. It was something I really needed to do and a meeting that really brought me back to myself again.

In my life I find that I have quite a few friends but only a select few I could count would be my closest friends. 99% of these friends are ones I met at Pizza Hut and are pretty much my everything but every now and again a select 1% will fall through the cracks and join my crazy beautiful life. You read how sometimes it’s scary to meet people online, how dangerous it could be. Our friendship was far from that and still is. Meeting some one you trust so deeply to travel half way across the world at such a young age! To have so many funny stories and adventures with many more still to come. I consider it a blessing. ❤





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