Sometimes you have to lose everything to find what you’re looking for.

Hello you beautiful people. Hope your having a great start of Spring.

It’s been an eventful few weeks. I recently came across the above quote and it really spoke to me to how I am with my life right now.

Remember when I said I had a good amount of savings behind me, well most of these are now gone. I Spent a few days in Sofia which unfortunately ended in heartbreak, tears and a loss of what was my only source of income. Something which now has ended in peace and forgiveness but a small void where my heart is.  Crazy to think what two people who are madly in love can do and say under the influence of alcohol. Again and again and again.

This was followed by a great few days in the UK with my best friends, I got to spend an evening with my childhood best friend and her family and then 10 scorching hot days in Gran Canaria with my other best friends. Drank a lot, danced in fountains, partied with Drag Queens and chilled by the pool. Came home with the best tan I’ve ever had – and I spent two years in Ibiza! But… I’ve spent pretty much everything I had.

Now the old me would have been anxious with fear of what would happen in the future but I’ve come to realise that memories are more important than money. I’ve literally just realised this and decided to not worry anymore and come to the realisation that no matter what happens, I will always land on my feet with so many stories to tell and memories to remember.

My friends have now landed back in the not so sunny UK whilst I’m fortunate enough to fly back to Bulgaria to spend time with my family of what is now the start of my Bulgarian summer adventure. More hot weather for me.

The best news however is in this short space of time, I’ve also managed to land myself not one, but TWO work from home jobs. One is a telephone based job working from my mac – mostly answering complaints for a mobile subscription company but I can choose my own hours. The second one is more of a texting based one, again from my Mac and I can work whenever I want. If i really put the effort in, I can make a hell of a lot.

I think what I really needed to do is stop being so negative about money, saving and where my life is and just go out and enjoy it. As soon as I finally threw the towel in, spent everything I had, stopped worrying about what I spent, how I looked and had a great time … great things came my way.

I honestly think now I’m going to be okay.

Looking forward to all this new work, spending time with my family, saving money and enjoying the Bulgarian Sunshine.

In regards to the journey portion. This starts again now. I think I’m more motivated to get out and go when the sun in shining. Went for a run this morning, followed by this 7 minute work out (which is bloody hard work), finalised by a hard day at work – from home – in the sun. Will keep you updated.

I’m also going to be focusing on my music in the summer too. I’ve been working on a few things which I will get finished up and create a new blog tab with my music. Watch this space.

Sometimes you have to lose everything to find what you’re looking for. ❤



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