Storytime #4 – The time I saved someones life.

So I was looking on my Facebook memories the other day and came across a post from a couple of years ago and decided to share the story!

Back in February 2017 one of my good friends Paul & I went to go for a celebratory glass of wine to celebrate we both had interviews for the job. Naturally, the glass of wine turned into 4 bottles of cheap Rose’ and we started to stagger back to my apartment.

My apartment was about a 10 minute walk from Leeds City Centre and to get there you had to cross a little bridge,

Walking across we saw a young girl who couldn’t be any older than 16 crying and about to climb over to jump into the river. It’s like something had hit us both because both Paul & I suddenly sobered up and went to the girls rescue.

We pulled her back over, gave her a big hug and talked to her about her problems for about 20 minutes! She was having relationship issues and thought the only way out was to end it all.

I think all she needed was someone to talk to because after she got it off her chest and she had the relationship advice from two pissed up winos, she seemed to be okay and laughing. We walked her home and that was that,

Sometimes all you need is a friendly face to talk too.

Now I think about it, I really wish I’d gotten the girls number just to check in from time to time.


Please keep fighting & be yourself. Unapologetically. Fucking. Always.  ❤



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