StoryTime #3 – The time I partied with S Club 7

Okay, so once again this is a little bit of an over exaggeration click bait – technically I didn’t party with ALL of S Club 7 – Just three of them and I feel if one of the three were Rachel Stevens and/or Jon Lee then this story may be  little better!

S Club 7 we’re literally my childhood favourite band growing up! I had every CD, a bedroom full of posters, T-shirts, videos. One thing I never got the opportunity to do was see them live! Pretty heartbroken when then broke up.

Fast forward a few years when I’m living in Huddersfield for University, one of my favourite clubs / 2nd home, booked the reformed S Club 3 (Jo, Bradley & Paul)

I was pretty excited seeing them perform with my best friend Liz in such a little venue where I managed to get to the very front even managed to stay behind and meet them after!
Now after spending years becoming friends with Kesha, I’d got passed the whole starstruck thing and just went up to them to say Hey and how much they we’re my favourite!

I was instantly cut off by Bradley who said “Yes, you can have an autograph, we get it all the time”
I said no dude, I just wanted to say hey and that you guys we’re my favourite band as a kid! – They just looked at me in disgust and walked away.

In the mean time, Liz was outside having a ciggy and helping one of the bands friends put the equipment away and then managed to get us both invited to their hotel room for an after party with about another 6-7 people!

We get to the hotel and it was the weirdest atmosphere ever! Jo had gone home back to London, Bradley was just sat on a table rapping all this new stuff and Paul was just sat by a window looking out, super sad. We went to go talk to him and I got talking about how I wanted to be a singer and wrote songs and he didn’t seem to care one bit! Just started moaning about how I didn’t understand anything.

A bottle of brandy then got passed around, amongst other things and me and Liz just got so bored at the pretentious’ of it all so we decided to leave! We also decided to take a few cans of cheap red stripe with us to drink back at ours for our troubles!

When we got home I got a phone call from them saying they were angry we took the few cans of beer with us and said they had sent a taxi to mine for us to put the beers back in the car back to them!  The taxi one way would have cost more than the beers! The taxi came and the beers went back to the party alone.

Safe to say there aint no party like an S Club Party!


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