Confessions of a Teenage Waiter. #1 – Serving Celebrities

For over 10 years I worked in the UK restaurant industry. It gave me some of the best and some of the worst times of my life.
It gave me my bestest friends and gave me my worst enemies.
It made me pretty rich and times and took everything away from me.

These series of stories are going to be about some of the crazy things and confessions I got up to being a waiter and restaurant manager.  It wasn’t all plain sailing!
I worked for one chain for just about 10 years in all different locations all over the UK, I worked in a restaurant in Ibiza, a couple of high-class restaurants in Leeds and helped out in a few restaurants in Bulgaria.

The first story is when I worked at this restaurant in Leeds – I won’t be naming any names but this was by far the worst place I have ever worked. Evil management and no idea how to treat staff. However, it was rather high market which did bring in some famous clientele.

The most rudest of famous customers I have ever served is non other than Mr Cedric Diggory himself – Robert Patterson and his group of pretentious friends.

Being a huge Harry Potter fan I thought this would be great to finally meet him but from the off him and his friends we’re clicking to get my attention, talking down to me, made me feel so incredibly small and pretty much looked down on me.  I still kept my cool and tried to give them the best experience.

Their bill was over £200 and tipped – Nothing!  Nothing from Mr Patterson and his hideous rude friends.

Two weeks later, same restaurant another famous face popped by and I was lucky enough to serve him – Mr Alan Carr and friend.

Hands down, complete opposite! Such a lovely, funny and down to earth man who had so much time for me and really had such a great personality and positive energy around him!

Alan and his friend only popped in for coffee & Cake but tipped me like £10. He left his room key for his hotel! I’m not sure if this was done on purpose or not haha!  But on my way home I took it back to him in his 5* Leeds Hotel!


There’s a couple more to talk about but I’m not giving away all the good stuff straight away!


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