Why are we always so offended?

This world is going crazy.

I read a post this morning that made me super cross about a vegan guy who accidentally ate some sweets from Pizza Hut’s self service Ice Cream factory, blamed them and was apparently left heartbroken, distraught and upset and said Pizza Hut made a mockery of his life decision. Bearing in mind this guy had been Vegan for only two weeks and sported a profile picture with him wearing timerbland boots which if I’m not mistaken use real leather and according to their website,

“…With that said, we don’t offer any vegan-certified products at this time.” – Timerbland

My loyalties will always lie with Pizza Hut. I worked there for 10 years from 16, it put me through 6th form, through University and gave me 6 of my bestest friends a guy could ever have and I know if times were hard in my life I could probably walk back in.

Why has the world gone so anal about everything. My main thought of this blog is each to their own, I don’t care that your vegan, I don’t care you parade in a leather dog costume, I don’t care you only eat fish but after a few drinks crave a Maccy’s, I don’t care you’re a 43-year-old man who dresses like a baby, I don’t care you can only drink soy milk lates, extra foam, decaf, no sugar, no gluten, no carbs, I don’t care you have a porn addiction.  Jesus Christ.

I can see the benefits of being Vegan I really can. I do have vegan friends and I read about great heath benefits, people I speak to say it gives them so much energy, positive lifestyle changes! Thats great! I’m super happy for them but it’s just not for me nor the other percentage of the world who craves nothing more than a medium rare steak covered in peppercorn sauce and the world is accepting it, but when a huge chain like Pizza Hut, or Gregg’s for that matter join in and accommodate you, so they can respectively keep your custom, chains that are known for their cheesy double pepperoni pizzas, meat feast deluxe and £1 steak bakes,  please don’t thrown it in their face, report it to LadBible and every other website for your 15 minutes of fame because you didn’t notice what you we’re putting on your ice cream kiddo.  They are trying. They really are. Just bite the bullet, spit out the chocolate button,  take it like a man and move on.

We need to love & respect each other and not be offended over everything and everyone.



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