Storytime #1. How I became friends with Kesha.

Happy New Year you wonderful people 🙂 Hope you had a great one and celebrated in style. Into day 2 of my new 2019 Journey and so far so good.

As promised in my original Blog, not only will I be blogging about my new journey but will also throw in some  #StoryTimes about some crazy events that has happened in my life.

One thing I get asked a lot by new people is how a lad from a little town in the UK became good friends with one of the most talented, beautiful and inspiring women of the 21st century and personally, one of my hero’s – Kesha.

This is a tale of how I pretty much stalked her until she became my friend! It’s not as creepy as it sounds but this will be a long post guys, be warned. I have many years to span across.

Lets go back to the start…..MySpace

It was 2008 and I was in my 2nd year of University. I remember scrolling through new music on MySpace and came across a page with only 60ish friends. – Kesha. I listed to the music and was instantly hooked. I downloaded the music, took it into regular clubs I went to have them play it but no one had heard of her. That was until Tik ToK finally released and she was an instant success.

A few months later, MySpace decided to throw a Secret Party for Kesha. You had to buy tickets and on the day MySpace would release where the gig would be – London. I was desperate to meet this woman so I traveled to London at 4am to que for a gig that didn’t start till 7pm – Only to get in front! Crazy, however a few more people had done the same and I ended up spending my day with a Irish girl called Joanna and a Scottish guy named Ross – More about these later!

The gig was everything I’d hoped for. Small venue, So intimate. Surrounded by some of the worlds coolest people. I didn’t get chance to meet Kesha at this gig but she did blow me a kiss and said she loved me too.


Now outside, I was speaking to Joanna and Ross and we exchanged numbers and Facebook details. Joanna – Little did I know would one day become one of my bestest friends. More on this later!

A year had passed and Kesha made her return to London after 2 more successful singles. So as before, I made my way down to London to que for hours, this time with Joanna & Ross.

Another amazing gig which ended us with us waiting 4 hours outside to meet her. Now this was December 09.  A very cold december and when you’re wearing nothing but a skimpy American top covered in glitter. Not so good. Ended up getting glandular Fever. But……I finally got to meet my favourite.


During the next year, I went through a very bad time. a huge first relationship breakdown which saw me very depressed. I hated University and the people who came with it. I was in a mess. Keshas music always used to cheer me up, bring me back to life.  One of the reasons why I idolised her so much. I had to get out of Huddersfield. I packed a bag and jumped onto the first train to Scotland – To live with Joanna.

She took me in, gave me a home. Made me happy again.  I used to work for Pizza Hut so transferring wasn’t hard – More about Pizza Hut on another story time!

The following year Kesha did 3 gigs in the UK – Birmingham, Manchester & London.    You know for a fact we got tickets for all three and qued for hours for all three!

Birmingham was a turning point. It was the first time I really got to interact with Kesha after she dragged me out of the audience of 4000 people, tied me to a chair in clinfilm and gave me a lap dance!


Manchester & London just as good. Spoke to her briefly outside too and managed to bag a meet and greet in London.

She then went off the radar for a bit to work on new music. When she returned we found out she was coming back to London to appear on The Graham Norton Show – for those of you that don’t live in the UK – It’s a talk show. Probably our best talk show! Graham Norton is hilarious! Very nice guy.

Anyway,  I spent days and days emailing his show to get tickets, I must have sent 10 emails a day. All ignored. So, Joanna and I went down anyway to haggle for some.  We got them 🙂

Now, one unique thing about the Graham Norton Show is that certain audience members at the end get to tell a story on a big red chair. If he likes your story you walk, if he doesn’t you get flipped off. I decided to tell the producers my story about being tied to a chair in Birmingham – I was on the BBC! Crazy from how I went from being ignored by the show to being on it!


The guests were Joan Rivers, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeremy Clarkson and of course Kesha.   – I got to walk.

During time backstage Kesha and I got to talk and she remembered me, I met her brother Lagan – A very talented film maker and just as awesome as his sister!

A few weeks later she came onto another UK TV show – The Jonathan Ross Show.  Another great talk show where I went down with all my Kesha friends.  Another show we managed to just walk into! London TV studios are very friendly. Welcome to the UK.


Now Kesha didn’t come back to the UK for a while. During which time, I’d moved from Scotland to Ibiza – Ibiza then to Huddersfield and back working at Pizza Hut. Joanna had moved back to Ireland.

I was getting rather bored at work and really wanted to travel. Kesha had then announced a full Europe Tour. If she was going on a tour. So were we.

Joanna and I planned every detail down to the tee.  Every plane ticket, venue ticket, train ticket. We we’re literally following Kesha around Europe.

We met in Dublin and had to get a bus to Cork, Joanna and I said to each other – By the end of this tour, we’re going to be friends with Kesha.

Cork – Was gig 1.  Live at the Marquee. Qued all day, Met some amazing Irish people and saw the gig.  Can you imagine my face when Kesha spotted me and pointed to me of thousands and said “its you”. She remembers me. This was going to be an amazing trip.


Sweden – Was gig 2.  Joanna and I spent almost 4 days here. Saw Kesha one day, went to the ABBA museum.   It was in Sweden that i attained Keshas Managers email address. How, I can’t remember. But I sent her an email telling her what we we’re doing and much to my astonishment I got a reply saying she would meet up with us one day!


Amsterdam was gig 3. This is where we went to meet her. However, meeting was a bit of a blur as we had a lot to drink and both of us were pretty wasted!! I do remember chatting with her backstage for ages and she said we were her favourite! Look at those drunken eyes!


Luxembourg was gig 4 – This was the game changer gig. There was 4 of us by this point,  Joanna and I, a girl named Natty and a girl named Xenia.  We would be traveling the rest of the tour together.

Luxembourg was a really small gig. Whilst quing in all these different places, we came to speak to Keshas team a lot. Her band, her manager, her family. After the gig in Luxembourg, we came out and there was a pub outside with Keshas band drinking. They asked us to join so we did. Chatting for ages, drinking beer. All of a sudden, a woman shows up with a hoodie on, two bottles of wine in hand and sits with us.  It was Kesha.

We spoke for hours the lot of us about boys, music, past, problems, love, relationship.  Everything. It was literally the best night ever.  We then drunkly decided to make something special,  we all decided (Kesha Also) that we would all get matching tattoos in Vienna – The last stop!


Prague was the next gig which was a repeat of the night before. We all waited till the end, sat outside Keshas tour bus and us 4, Kesha and her band and ate gummy sweets and spoke about everything.

London was next, followed by Paris.

Vienna was the last stop. An emotional journey coming to an end. Lagan had joined as Kesha was filming for her new series of her MTV show – My Crazy Beautiful Life. We had a pre interview first, followed by the gig then taken backstage into a secret tattoo room.  I even had my own VIP sticker.


We drank tequila, beer, sang Disney songs, drank more tequila then all got matching tattoos of Cats on ourselves.


Afterwards, we all went to a Vienna Rock club – VIP area and danced the night away.  I was wrecked.  These events we’re then to be repeated on season 2 of her Show. Episode 6!


We messaged a few times but then, as you may know Kesha had a really tough time and went away for a while.
Not a day went past where I didn’t support her. ❤  She taught me to belive in myself. To love myself. I will always support this woman.

5 years later…..

She made a fantastic comeback with Rainbow and did one more Gig in London late last year. I met up with Joanna and we managed to get ourselves to the front of the que. I had flown in from Bulgaria so didn’t manage to spend all day quing.  Kesha did say to me i’d never have to que again.

She began to sing a song and then stop. Point to me with mouth wide open and said You.  I know you.  We got matching tattoos together you and me.  That was like 5 years ago? Oh wow.

After 5 years away, countless fans, tours all over the world, so much going on in her life and  she can still pick out this lad from a small town in the UK in a crowd of thousands! ❤   She is a mother fucking rockstar

Sadly, we didn’t get to meet again as she had to run off but I know my Kesha journey hasn’t come to an end yet!



If you’ve stuck to the end. Well done.

“Be yourself. Unapologetically. Fu***** Always” – Kesha Sebert

Click to Buy/Stream ‘Rainbow’



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